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a little history

Sheryl Kelley is the owner and operator of Cameo Hair Care. Sheryl obtained her license in 1984 and worked as an apprentice before opening her own salon on Commercial Ave. in old Downtown. Sheryl shared her shop with her childhood friend, Sylvia Asheback, for nearly 20 years - offering an inviting, friendly environment unique to Anacortes.

When Sylvia passed away in 2003, Sheryl was challenged to move and grow. She built her new Cameo on "O" Ave. and has been happy to welcome veteran nail technician Trish Rodriguez to the team. Together they offer a wide range of beauty services - perms and color for the hair, waxing, as well as enhancements and comfort treatment for the hands and feet.

October 24, 2010

I'm so scared.....

Want to be a fright for Halloween? Tread carefully or your Halloween nightmare could continue for a very... very... long time. Coloring your hair is a serious business, no matter what Miss Clairol would like you to believe. Why do you think we're always pestering you to leave it to us professionals?

First off - do not even THINK about using something like Kool-Aid or food coloring on your hair. Simple rule of thumb - if it stains your skin, it will stain your HAIR. That goes for punky colored hair spiking gels, too. Read the fine print. If it tells you to avoid getting the product on your skin or clothes - for heavens sake, don't put it in your hair!

And as for staining, remember that light colors stain the worst. Ever eat spaghetti in a white blouse? So obviously, be really, really careful what you put in blonde hair. As for dark hair, most faux colors won't show up much at all as they don't have the ability to lift pigment out of your hair. If they do, BEWARE! Probably any product that involves mixing part A with part B is a bad idea. It is most likely semi-permanent. These products might claim to wash out in 6-8 shampoos. That could mean going to work still looking a fright.

Unless you are a very pale blonde, most spray in colors are probably safe, but again, read the label very, very carefully. If you must go for it, be prepared to wash it out with a clarifying shampoo. Prell would pretty much strip woodwork, and you can even boost that with a little baking soda - just know that your hair is going to need a deep condition afterward. Lemon juice or cider vinegar might help as well. So really, is it worth all that when cheap wigs are available all over the darn place this time of year? They are your safest bet for a good time on Halloween and the day after!

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